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Tagz – Snack the healthier way!

Tagz – Snack the healthier way!

If you are wondering how potato chips is a healthy snack, then here’s the answer 🙂

#TagZ is the cool new Bangalore based ‘Popped Potato Chips’ brand. They craft healthy & uber premium snacking experiences using cutting edge food technology which combines high temperature and pressure, avoiding the usage of oil. It’s tastier than the boring baked ones and fitter than the fried ones.

Never fried, never baked & 50% lesser fat. They are free from artificial flavors, colors, Cholesterol, trans fat & gluten.

#TagZ – popped potato chips is available in 3 variants; Masala Trekkin’, Cream Onion Divin’ and Salt Trippin’. Cream Onion Divin’ being our most favorite and Salt trippin’ being the last.




I was impressed with the packaging and the colors used to differentiate each flavor. Also, every packet contains little piece of information about how they have crafted each potato chip.


Considering the current pandemic situation, each packet is attached with a sachet of hand sanitizer ensuring safety & cleanliness.


Each pack contains about 30g of popped potato chips and it costs 50/-  You can find them online as well as in the shelves of super marts. Check their website for the same 🙂

Loved this idea of popped chips & we recommend you to try them as well!

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food tasting event product-review TTK Prestige

MasterChef Shazia Khan demystifies ‘nouvelle cuisine’ for the home cook!

After lazy Sundays, I feel ‘meh’ to get back to college on Mondays. But fortunately, I headed to Oberoi Hotel and not to college. I was here with many other food lovers for a food tasting event exclusively prepared in TTK Prestige cookware by the MasterChef season 2 runner-up and celebrity Chef Shazia Khan.


The day began with Mr. Chandru Kalro’s, Managing Director, TTK Prestige elocution stating that “Cooking has evolved into an art form. It is important to have the right cooking tools and gadgets to recreate the perfect dish. In fact, for the home cook, a well-equipped kitchen can dictate and have an impact on what he or she eats on a daily basis. Now, with the help of TTK Prestige, it is easy to re-create nouvelle cuisine from the comfort of your home.”

Amidst all hubbub, I see beautiful smiling Chef preparing dishes on the stove with love! Chef prepared a series of dishes using TTK Prestige cookware in no time and the presentation of them left us awestruck! After preparation, presentation, and whirring of cameras, we tasted the wonders created by her 🙂


What did we taste?

Chef Shazia Khan had conceptualized a fusion menu which compromised of:

  1. Dukkah Crusted Paneer with Creamy Beetroot using Omega Gold series cookware.
  2. IMG_2384

  3. The Brinjal Affair using TTK Prestige cutter, TTK Prestige Air fryer.
  4. IMG_2406


  5. Grilled Figs with Almond Crumble and Vanilla Mousse using Omega Gold series cookware, TTK Prestige Air fryer, and TTK Prestige Induction Cooktop.
  6. IMG_2409

  7. Chilly Mutton Sliders using Clip on Pressure Cooker and Induction Cooktop.
  8. IMG_2412

  9. Cuban Chicken Skewers using Juicer and Omega Cookware.
  10. IMG_2403


Overall it was an informative and innovative event organized by TTK Prestige and I was glad to meet the Celebrity Masterchef 🙂 This event helped me understand how important it is to have the correct gadgets and tools in any kitchen to create amazing recipes. Three cheers to the people behind this successful show!

To know more about TTK Prestige visit:



awareness product-review

MPOC Food Hunt – Food Hunting, fun and more :)

Ferrero Rocher, Kit-kat, Nutella, Haldirams, Good-day all these leading confectioneries mainly use Palm Oil for manufacturing them. Yes, you heard us right. Palm oil is a hidden gem in the market which hasn’t gained much attention.
When it comes to cooking, we Indians are collectively practiced with mostly Sunflower Oil or groundnut oil, due to its large availability. In past few years, Olive Oil seems to have made it’s way to the kitchen with limited usage because of its high smoking point. Though Palm oil is known from years, it is been neglected in the market due to misconceptions. It is widely used in the manufacturing of chocolates and condiments but is left behind in the mainstream cooking due to the negative reviews during the initial days of availability.


A couple of days ago, Malaysian Palm Oil Council organized an event at Mainland China, Chruch Street to tackle the common misconceptions of Palm Oil and to spread awareness. With a warm welcome, Bhavana Shah enlightened us regarding the benefits of Palm oil.


The event was just not to brief about palm oil, but also to involve all the food lovers in a fun filled activity. It was called as Food hunt which involved flashing around the mentioned restaurants with small tasks to complete in different levels.

We were grouped into 4 teams with four happy faces in each 🙂 As always, the team with highest points would be called as winners.
First up was Blind Soup Tasting at “Oh! Calcutta”. We were blindfolded and made to taste a soup. The task was to list down the ingredients used in the preparation. It took about a while by the time we finished and got our next clue card.



Next activity was Salad Making at “Hoppipola”. In this challenge, we were asked to make use of 7 ingredients out of 11 and prepare a lip-smacking salad which would be tasted and rated by the Hoppipola chef. At the end of this level, we got our next clue card.


The third activity was the easiest of the all. The clue led to “Empire” where a Sweet Beeda/Pan had to be completed in order to move on. The pan looked so small but it took forever to complete.

Next up was a Quiz about Palm Oil at “Russh”. We were given a small list of objectives to answer in order to complete the game. The clue cards ended after the quiz and we returned to Mainland China.



The first team to return back from the activities were given 5 additional points. At the end, we had one board game of darts after which we had a photoshoot with a lot of cool and crazy props! After all these activities, winners were awarded goodies 🙂
Three cheers to the entire team for organizing such an innovative event! Looking forward to more such fun events. Will surely spread the word about Palm oil and its benefits. We are Happy Palm Oil Users too 🙂




Cooking with Chef’s Basket

Hunger strikes at random times and ready-to-cook kits are the only life savior. With many ready-to-cook kits available, Chef’s Basket has taken it to a whole new level. They have managed to compose Italian flavors into pasta box and Oriental aromas into the noodle box. The kits consist of sauces rather than normal masala powder.


Chef’s Basket believes in the art of cooking and with a little help, anybody can cook. They have most authentic recipes from all over the world so that trying new cuisines won’t be a restaurant affair.


A couple of weeks ago, we were at Something’s Cooking as participants for a cook-off event hosted by Chef’s Basket. A team of three was formed and were given a task to complete. In a time limit of one hour, each team had to dish up two recipes, which sounds really interesting and exciting.


How did we manage to do? It’s as simple as following instructions on the box or make your own pasta/noodles. Each team was given a table of groceries and veggies. We choose to cook Cheesy Alfredo Pasta and we also made our own dish, a combo of Chunky Arrabbiata – Creamy Pesto, named it Duos Pasta. So we started by chopping the required vegetables like Bell peppers, carrots and pan frying them on a low flame. In another pan, we started boiling pasta in salt water. Keeping aside the pasta once boiled for ten minutes. Now we add sauce provided in the kit separately to the pan with veggies and later add pasta. Finally seasoned with herbs and chili flakes. For duos pasta, we plated together which gave it a colorful appearance. Voila! Our Cheesy Alfredo Pasta and Duos Pasta were ready to eat.

Duos Pasta and Tangy Sichuan Noodles

For noodles, we choose Kung Pao and Tangy Sichuan which followed the similar process.

Kung Pao Noodles and Cheesy Alfredo Pasta

In simple words, Chef’s Basket manufactures kits that makes cooking easier for everyone. Kudos to the innovation team for putting forth these products.

Try it out 🙂


Jackfruit365 – A new take on Jackfruit!

Sunday mornings are usually lazy, but the last Sunday was different. We were invited to try and taste the jackfruit infused recipes by Jackfruit365! Jackfruit365 is a venture which aims at replacing apple or potato with jackfruit in a variety of dishes without giving up on the taste.

Jackfruit is one of the healthiest fruit which sits on the extremes when it comes to someone liking it with a majority of (85-90%) people who love to have jackfruit in all forms while the remaining (10-15%) don’t like due to its aroma and taste.

There’s a saying – “If you have a jackfruit tree in the backyard, your lifespan is up by 10years”; This shows how much beneficial jackfruit is! There’s a long list of healthy benefits, highlights are
– Strengthens the immune system
– Reduces the risk of heart disease
– Regulates blood sugar level
– Regulates blood pressure
– Prevents intestinal diseases

The event started with a speech from Mr. James Joseph, founder of Jackfruit365. He spoke about jackfruit and how the company came into being! Jackfruit is cut down from the tree 2days prior to ripening, it’s processed and deeply frozen which can be used for longer duration!

Then came a long list of dishes prepared from Jackfruit365. First up was Jackfruit Smoothie – High on jackfruit flavors, thick and topped with mango chunks, pomegranate, and mint leaves.

Jackfruit Galouti Kebab was no different from other kebabs. It was served on Indian bread topped with cream, must try a quick bite.

Jackfruit Bonda – Unlike other aloo bondas, Raw jackfruit infused bonda tasted more better than the normal ones.

Idli’s are too mainstream, so Mangaloreans came up with Moode. Moode is a way of cooking Idli’s wrapped in the leaf which gives it good flavors. Jackfruit Moode is another way to savor the flavors without having to giving up on taste.

Jackfruit Paniyaram were small, fluffy and delight. Also known as Gundponglu, they were served with chutney which went great together.

Just when we thought we had enough jackfruit for the day, we were surprised by Jackfruit Waffles and Pancakes. The waffles were soft and tasted good with maple syrup. Fluffy, soft, perfectly baked pancakes served with maple syrup and drizzled with sugar was heavenly.

All in all, Jackfruit can be used as five types – Raw Form, Ripe Jackfruit, Seeds, Substitute for flesh and as source of carbohydrates.

We wish Jackfruit365 team best of luck with their venture 🙂

You can get to know more about Jackfruit365 here.
You can buy Jackfruit365 from below link