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Meal Diaries – 20th FBAB Meetup!

Bengaluru is known for being a platform for start-ups to shine. As technology improves, even other aspects need to improve and thus opening unlimited opportunities. In the brink of food delivery problems, Meal Diaries has started it’s operations. It’s a new startup from 3 close friends who are working hard to provide Indian & Continental food while being light on the pockets. They’ve a daily changing menu and deliver in the time slots prefered by us. We were invited to try their dishes as a part of FBAB meetup and here’s our take on it.

Salads weren’t our go-to dish, but this changed our take on them. They served us three varieties of salads, Asian Green Salad with Lemon Coriander Dressing, Yasai Salad with Spicy Mayo Dressing and Vietnamese Salad with Sweet & Sour Dressing. For the first time, we liked salads. Exotic greens, fresh crunchy vegetables, soft chicken, mayo, lemon coriander and flavours made the whole eat a great joy! Asian Green & Vietnamese Salads are available with chicken too.

mealdiaries (17)

mealdiaries (19)

mealdiaries (20)

We were served three quick bites, out of which Pita Pockets were one of our favourites. The pockets are soft, the mixture (Corn Fritter/Chilly Chicken) was perfect and dressing makes it a great start.

mealdiaries (13)

Wheat Wrap, a definite filler. A wrap stuffed with Veg Asian/Chocker Tikka leaves you wanting for more.
Just when we thought the quick bites were done, we were served with Burgers.

mealdiaries (21)

Chicken Schezwan Burger was one of the best that we have tried to date. Soft & juicy chicken patty, layers of vegetable and cheese left me with happiness. All the quick bites were served with Chilli Sauce or Spicy Mayo, Fried potatoes or Potato Wedges.

mealdiaries (14)

Main Meals had a lot to offer without compromising on taste. It is divided into two sections, Homely Indian (Indian dishes) and Exotic Global (continental dishes). Bhindi Masala with Pakodi Kadhi Meal is a complete package both in terms of the taste and the items served, which contained Dry Bhindi Masala, Pakodi Kadhi Curry, Paratha, Ghee Rice, Raita and Green Garm Salad.

mealdiaries (10)

Gobhi Paratha with Chola Meal & Onion Cheese Chilly Paratha with Black Dal Meal where the parathas are flavoured and served with special gravies.

mealdiaries (9)

After a long list of Indian meals, we moved on to the Exotic Global. We started on a high note, Sri Lankan Fish Curry with Steamed Rice which packed a lot of flavours and fried fish chips accompanied the curry perfectly.

mealdiaries (11)

Veggie Laksa Meal was a huge burst with flavours, and visually has a great set of colours. Slices of lemon, coriander, nacho chips and curry leaves are a great extension to the dish.

mealdiaries (4)

Tian Vegetables with Saffron Rice, a simple dish with a variety of vegetables cooked with large amounts of cheese and spices which go hand in hand with rice. It is served with cucumber-capsicum salad and fries.

mealdiaries (3)

Mushroom Ravioli in Tomato Concasse, a dish which is usually found only in a decent Italian restaurant and isn’t found in takeaway menus, but Meal Diaries have worked out and are able to get it done. It is best when the dish is warm. It is served with cucumber-capsicum salad, fries and garlic bread.

mealdiaries (2)

No meal is complete without desserts, and here we finished in style with Ras Malai & Gulab Jamun. Ras Malai was perfect, the sweetness and the flavours were on point. Gulab Jamun is undoubtedly famous in Indian meals, and having them was a joy.

mealdiaries (6)

– This is a delivery only space, so don’t go in search for the outlet!
– You can have the food delivered at the time specified by you.
– You can order food from their Website.

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Paradise opens at New BEL Road – 18th FBAB Meetup

Whenever we think of food, ‘biriyani’ is what we think of and the next thing is, which is the best place to try Biryanis? This is where Paradise comes into the picture.

Paradise serves one of the best biryani’s in the world. Paradise is the go-to place for Biryani in Hyderabad and they are trying to set the same trend here in Bengaluru. The place is highly appreciated by many celebrities which adds a feather to its pride.

pnbr (27)

The chain which was limited to the North and East Bangalore has now recently opened up a new outlet in New BEL Road and we were invited to try their dishes as a part of 18th FBAB Meetup on the second working day.

The menu seemed like it was never going to end. So, we decided to try a little of each dish. Started off with Paneer Haryali Tikka, soft cubes of paneer which were perfectly marinated and cooked. It had a smooth texture and the chutney tasted great.

pnbr (12)

Subz Aur Moongphalli Seekh is one of those dishes that pack a surprise. It’s made up of finely chopped vegetables and topped with roasted peanuts.

pnbr (9)

Then came the Veg Platter which consisted of Paneer 65 & Paneer Tikka, along with Paneer Haryali Tikka & Subz Aur Moongphalli Seekh. Paneer 65 resembles Chicken 65 in terms of taste. Chunks of paneer tossed in spices, couple of chilis and topped with curry leaves. Paneer Tikka, paneer marinated in yoghurt, spices and grilled on tandoor. It has the right amount of spices.

pnbr (13)

Veg Manchurian, fried vegetables in dumpling shape cooked with Manchurian sauce to give it a perfect blend of spices and the garnishing makes it eye-catching.

Apollo Fish was one of the best fish recipes I had. Boneless fish cooked in sauce, green chillies & curry leaves. It is crisped enough to give a crunchy texture, a great starter.

pnbr (18)

Chilli Prawns was one of the highlights, fresh and tender prawns marinated in mixture of spices, deep fried & oil reduced & well garnished.

pnbr (5)

Chilli Chicken, small chunks are deep-fried first and then cooked in tangy chilli sauce which gives it good flavours. Fried chicken with a twist.

pnbr (49)

Mutton Seekh Kebab, minced lamb meat mixed with mild spices and cooked on a skewer. Meat is tender and just melts in your mouth.

pnbr (48)

Veg Biryani, special flavours of spices blend with veggies and basmati rice. Tastes good with raitha.

Special Chicken Biryani, pieces of chicken & basmati rice cooked in many levels with saffron and few spices which makes it a great biryani. It’s massive proportion, easily serves a group of 6-8 members.

Special Mutton Biryani, mixture of rice & lamb meat cooked with saffron, herbs and spices for a long duration to infuse the flavours into each bit of the biryani. Both of the biryanis are served with Mirchi ka Salan and Raita which makes them even more delicious.

Double-ka-meetha is a hyderabadi dessert made of special bread that’s prepared by them. Soaked and served in milk with hint of caradamom. Qubani-ka-meetha, is again a hyderabadi dessert made of apricots served in sweet syrup.

pnbr (31)

Gajar Halwa & Gulab Jamun, all time favorite dessert of us. It was good and one jamun could leave you filled.

pnbr (29)

The area is pretty huge compared to other outlets, serving in ground level and first level which can take upto an approx of 300 people at once and a dedicated take-away counter. The walls are painted white, decored with photos of celebrities & dishes-in-progress.

Happy about their hospitality and service. Staff are friendly in approach. The whole place is maintained well 🙂

Address – Vacuum House 1, Chikkamaranahalli, New BEL Road, Bengaluru.

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Five Star Chicken – 19th FBAB Meetup!

Five Star Chicken is one of those food chains that started as a small outlet and have spread to many countries. We got to their new outlet as a part of 19th FBAB Meetup.

Five Star Chicken name usually gives out a vibe that it’s a chicken-only place, but only when you visit you’ll know they have a lot to offer in veg too! To overcome this misconception, they have named their new outlet as Five Star Cafe.

The first outlet was in Thailand which opened up during the mid-1985. Since then, they’ve served great quality chicken in more than 7000 stores worldwide! They’ve expanded to 9 countries and their key to success is providing great taste at an affordable price while maintaining quality. The company has its own state of the art infrastructure for storage – distribution – exercise complete control over the quality and thus, they are able to optimize the cost and pass on better value to the customer.

fsc (1)

Moving onto the food, they have a long list of quick eats. We started with Thai Crispy Chicken and Crunchy Masala in huge buckets! Thai Crispy, a couple of tender chicken pieces marinated in Thai Mixture of masalas. Crunchy Chicken is all different from Thai Crispy starting from the color to taste, the coating is crispy and goes well with chicken.

fsc (3)

Chicken Popcorn is one of my favorite. Small chunks of chicken, dipped in flour mixture and fried in oil. Good eat that goes well with most of the drinks!

fsc (21)

Veg Cheese Corn Nuggets – Nuggets itself is a good start, but Five Star Chicken has gone ahead to fill it with Cheese and Corn making it a soft melting treat to the taste buds!

fsc (15)

Peri-Peri Fries sounds similar as the McD’s but entirely different. The spices pack great flavors which leave you wanting more.

fsc (18)

Hungry Bird Burger – Boneless Chicken patty placed between secret sauce and lettuce. Have one of these and you’ll almost be filled.

fsc (10)

Veg Roll – Dices of veg crunchies & vegetables filled inside a flat bread with tangy sauce.

fsc (16)

Parathas, well what can I say? These were one of the best aloo parathas that we’ve ever tasted. The aloo filling is consistent throughout & is served with mixed vegetable pickle but goes well just like that.

fsc (9)

Veg Biryani – The moment when you taste biryani, you’ll realize it has an amazing combination of spices and vegetables. The corn and green peas are a great combo. A must try 🙂

fsc (22)

Chicken Biryani, a simple dish cooked with basmati rice, light masalas and few pieces of chicken. A great main course dish.

fsc (20)

The place is well maintained. Interior and exterior seating arrangements are made. The service is pretty quick and staff are on their toes when a customer enters.
Recommended 🙂

Address – CPF Towers, Adjacent to Byblos, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru.
Click here to get Directions on Google Map

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Whooppeezz – 16th FBAB Meetup!

No matter what, love for pizza never ends.  Never ever we get bored of trying varieties of pizzas and this time, we landed up at Whooppeezz as a part of 16th FBAB Meetup. Being located in one of the busy lanes of Koramangala, Whooppeezz is known for it’s PIZZAS.

1. Nachos with Cheese Dip and Salsa – Crunchy, textured corn nachos dipped in cheese sauce and salsa made a good start. Well packed.

whopp (31)

2. Garlic Bread – Perfect crisp bread topped with melting cheese, which could have been a little better in terms of taste. It is also available with mushroom and cheese toppings which is tastier than the cheese garlic bread.

whopp (30)

3. BBQ Chicken Wings – Chicken wings cooked in BBQ sauce and grilled to perfection. Tender meat with good amount of spices that hits your taste buds.

whopp (26)

1. Creamelicious Pasta – Penne cooked in white sauce and cream, topped with sun-dried tomato, chilli flakes, shredded parmesan cheese and few vegetables. The sauce can be thickened to enhance the flavours.

whopp (17)

2. Arrabbiata Pasta – Penne cooked in fresh tomato sauce and olive oil, topped with chilli flakes, parsley and shredded parmesan cheese. It was cooked to perfect consistency and tasted well.

whopp (14)

There is no end to the varieties of pizzas they serve. Great combinations with few ingredients makes the best of pizzas available in the town. They say “IN CRUST WE TRUST” and have stood up to it 🙂 Thin, soft and crispy crusts is what you eat. Delicious, colourful, cheesy, crunchy, spicy defines the pizzas of Whooppeezz.
We tried the best of pizzas available in the store. And the list goes as;

1. Paneer Fanatico

whopp (10)

2. Hawaiian Fusion

whopp (27)

3. Eggizza

whopp (19)

4. Mama’s Chicken Pizza

5. Veg and Chicken Whooppeezzoo or Double Decker Pizza – A DEFINITE SHOW STOPPER. An honest cheese burst pizza.

whopp (15)

6. Veg Explotica

whopp (28)

7. Tandoori Paneer

whopp (25)

8. BBQ Bonanza

whopp (22)

Tres Leches – Spongy cake dipped in condensed milk with a creamy layer and chocolate chip toppings. A must try dessert that just melts in your mouth, a feast to your taste buds.

whopp (7)

Caramel Shots – Layers of cream, chocolate & caramel makes the shot. The flavors blend well with each other.

whopp (3)

Chocolate Pizza – Anything that contains chocolate excites us and this time, it was in the form of a pizza. Thin crunchy crust filled with chocolate. The pizza was served with different toppings, one being gems and another being almond flakes. It was chocolicious! 😛

whopp (4)

Bright white textured walls embellished with food quotes and pizza illustrations. The place is well lit with natural light. To match with the entire decor, wiring is covered with jute ropes. It is hung with bulbs having different Edison elements. Apart from this, they have a special corner for selfie freaks. Overall a very pleasing ambience to enjoy your meal 🙂

whopp (35)


whopp (33)


whopp (1)

Active response from the staff. Hospitality was very good. Decent service time. Kudos to the whole team 🙂

Address – Prestige Pinnacle, Opposite to Raheja Arcade, Koramangala 7th Block, Bengaluru.

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Hello Curry – 12th FBAB Meetup!

Hello Curry operates on Delivery-Only space and caters to the demand for quick, affordable and daily food. They started their journey in 2013 at Hyderabad. Bengaluru and Pune have been its recent additions, making a total count of 32 stores in 3 cities.

As invitees for the 12th FBAB meetup, we were at Cartier Hotel for food tasting and package reviewing.

Dishes that were served:
Double ka Meetha – A great welcome sweet, which renders your taste buds. Quick bread based sweet which couldn’t be identified, until we were informed about the recipe. Fried chunks of bread soaked in rich badam milk.

hc (7)

Veg Biryani – Steamed rice accompanied with mild flavors of spices with fewer vegetables and served with raita. Not great, but a good dish for a veggie. Biryani can be improved in terms of vegetables and spices.

hc (6)

Boneless Chicken Biryani – This is more of a Bengaluru Biryani rather than an authentic biryani, it’s the result of having to serve different foodies. So, don’t expect this to be spicy. The way they’ve integrated the flavors has come out well. Chicken is perfectly cooked and the its served with raita.

hc (8)

Mighty Chicken Masala – Ghar ka Chicken, as they say it, but due to the market trends, the name was changed to Mighty Chicken Masala. Soft cooked chicken in a home styled recipe.

hc (16)

Paneer Capsicum Paratha – How to make a veggie happy? You serve them Paneer Capsicum Paratha! It’s a combination of paneer and finely chopped capsicum, mixed together and stuffed to make a paratha.

hc (4)

Butter Chicken – Another dish that has a change of recipe to match the localites’ requirement. As usual, tender chicken cooked with masalas and fewer spices.

hc (2)

Dhal Makhani – Dhal Makhani has been known for leaving one filled and making them feel heavy. But this had a different story. They’ve come up with a brilliant idea of replacing traditional beans with Green Gram, and it has paid off. A great curry that goes well with rice and paratha.

hc (1)

Paneer Butter Masala – One of their best curries. Double like for the taste, even better with additional butter 😛

hc (15)

Panchmel Sabzi – As the name says, a light curry made up of five ingredients served with steamed rice. It can also be tried with paratha. Nothing great about the taste.

Chocó Shots – This was a trial dish which isn’t available on the menu. Amazing dessert prepared by a home chef made up of layers of chocolate cream, bits of butterscotch and topped off with choco chips & peanuts.

hc (14)

Packaging of the Dishes:
For ‘delivery-only’ start-up, it’s just not about the taste of the food but also about the packaging and presenting of it. This is where Hello Curry has stood out in terms of innovation and creativity.
Comic strips and funny quotes are the highlights of the biriyani containers and curry pots.
The paratha packaging resembles a mailbox and the inner part is well segmented for all the side dishes that is served along.

hc (5)

Delivery note:
Hello Curry caters to the localities within the radius of 5 km from its kitchen.

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Happy You Happy Me – 11th FBAB Meetup!

They say happiness comes in small packages and Happy You Happy Me is one such cafe. It’s small cafe which easily fills up and it’s relatively new. We got to try this place as invitees for 11th FBAB meetup.

They offer an amazing menu which consisted of few starters, burgers & sandwiches, desserts and couple of drinks. We started off with Corn Cheese Patties and Chicken Croquettes, both being a soft patty served with amazing choice of sauces.

hyhm (7)

Then we tried Chicken BBQ Burger and Mini Veg Burger. The veg burger had a great patty, but the bbq patty could’ve been improved.

hyhm (1)

In the sandwich section, we tried Mumbai Masala which was a spicy grilled treat. Mushroom-Chicken, which was served in a special bread topped with mushroom bits and filled with shredded chicken.

hyhm (6)

hyhm (8)

Pasta in Pesto was a filler for sure. They serve pasta in white sauce with broccoli, baby corn, tomato and chicken. The veggies go great with the pasta and sauce.

hyhm (10)

For beverages, we had Oreo Shake, a smooth drink that goes great with any of the sandwich/burger served here. The tiny bits of oreo are crispy surprise and it taste amazing. Lemon Grass Lemonade a drink which leaves you wanting for more. I would prefer if they served it chilled.

hyhm (5)

Desserts left us speechless. We got to try Orange Chocolate Marble, a cake with the zest of orange which reminded me of childhood. Banana Walnut Muffins. Chocolate Mousse, a small sized perfectly blended mousse. Blueberry Muffins didn’t live up to other desserts, could be improved.

hyhm (14)

hyhm (9)

hyhm (3)

Selling your sauces can be a dealbreaker, they’re amazing. Spread them with fellow foodies, it will be divine. This cafe packs an amazing ambience even though it’s small. They’ve used the board to put up the menu instead of getting it printed. A pocket-friendly cafe which serves amazing food. The place can host seats for 6-8 foodies. Finding a parking space isn’t a problem. Kudos for the staff and management, very humble and friendly in approach. We liked most of the dishes, but few of them need a workaround. We would surely be back for more oreo shakes and Chocolate Mousse.

We thank Nameesh for the invitation and Neha for having us over there.

Address – #3, Industrial Layout, Opp to Faaso’s, Koramangala 5th Block, Bengaluru.

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