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Jackfruit365 – A new take on Jackfruit!

Sunday mornings are usually lazy, but the last Sunday was different. We were invited to try and taste the jackfruit infused recipes by Jackfruit365! Jackfruit365 is a venture which aims at replacing apple or potato with jackfruit in a variety of dishes without giving up on the taste.

Jackfruit is one of the healthiest fruit which sits on the extremes when it comes to someone liking it with a majority of (85-90%) people who love to have jackfruit in all forms while the remaining (10-15%) don’t like due to its aroma and taste.

There’s a saying – “If you have a jackfruit tree in the backyard, your lifespan is up by 10years”; This shows how much beneficial jackfruit is! There’s a long list of healthy benefits, highlights are
– Strengthens the immune system
– Reduces the risk of heart disease
– Regulates blood sugar level
– Regulates blood pressure
– Prevents intestinal diseases

The event started with a speech from Mr. James Joseph, founder of Jackfruit365. He spoke about jackfruit and how the company came into being! Jackfruit is cut down from the tree 2days prior to ripening, it’s processed and deeply frozen which can be used for longer duration!

Then came a long list of dishes prepared from Jackfruit365. First up was Jackfruit Smoothie – High on jackfruit flavors, thick and topped with mango chunks, pomegranate, and mint leaves.

Jackfruit Galouti Kebab was no different from other kebabs. It was served on Indian bread topped with cream, must try a quick bite.

Jackfruit Bonda – Unlike other aloo bondas, Raw jackfruit infused bonda tasted more better than the normal ones.

Idli’s are too mainstream, so Mangaloreans came up with Moode. Moode is a way of cooking Idli’s wrapped in the leaf which gives it good flavors. Jackfruit Moode is another way to savor the flavors without having to giving up on taste.

Jackfruit Paniyaram were small, fluffy and delight. Also known as Gundponglu, they were served with chutney which went great together.

Just when we thought we had enough jackfruit for the day, we were surprised by Jackfruit Waffles and Pancakes. The waffles were soft and tasted good with maple syrup. Fluffy, soft, perfectly baked pancakes served with maple syrup and drizzled with sugar was heavenly.

All in all, Jackfruit can be used as five types – Raw Form, Ripe Jackfruit, Seeds, Substitute for flesh and as source of carbohydrates.

We wish Jackfruit365 team best of luck with their venture 🙂

You can get to know more about Jackfruit365 here.
You can buy Jackfruit365 from below link


Belgi-yumm Waffles at Waffle Walle

Waffle is one thing we never got to try, not until we visited WAFFLE WALLE. Expectations are set to high when you know the person running the show has travelled places to perfect the art of preparing waffles. We had varieties of waffles to try and our expectations were held high from the moment we had the first bite of classic waffle till the last sip of the Belgian hot chocolate drink.


Before starting, we got a chance to know few things about types of Waffles and the way they are prepared around the world from Chetan. The widely known types of waffles are Brussels and Liege. Brussels is soft based waffle made from batter, easier to eat and holds lots of toppings while Liege is little denser made of dough, caramelised sugar and is a bit on the chewy side.


Simple start with Classic Waffles, Brussels topped with ice-cream and whipped cream. The moment we bit, whole world slowed down for a moment! Perfectly baked and the sweet factor is just right to munch more of it.


Up next, we tried Indulgence and Yummy Tummy, which are Liege based. Indulgence liege is placed with one huge scoop vanilla ice-cream, pockets filled with strawberries and topped with chocolate sauce & sprinkled sugar.


Yummy Tummy fills you up because of the toppings – slices of fresh banana, whipped cream and Nutella (who doesn’t love Nutella, right?) Just took us to a whole new level *-*


Just when we thought could it be any better? Blueberry Exotic was served.  Fresh Blueberries, blueberry preserve, vanilla ice-cream topped with maple syrup surely got our taste buds excited.


This was entirely customised for our love towards caramel. It feels great when a simple dish can give so much happiness. Whipped cream and caramel, what could go wrong?


After a long list of amazing waffles, we tried their special Brownie Delight and Belgian Hot Chocolate. Eggless Brownie served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and drizzled with powdered sugar, hot chocolate sauce which glides down making a way for the ice-cream to stand out.


Belgian Hot Chocolate had a twist – It was a little spicy, which left a slight impact as it flew down the throat when sipped. The way of dipping dark chocolate into the drink and waiting for it melt was a feast to our eyes.


The chocolate sauce is prepared in-house, hence, intensely flavoured. Each ingredient blends with other amazingly without overpowering. One of the keynotes, all the waffles are same at the base, it’s up to us to come up with a combination and try a new waffle! We just loved it. Waffle Walle has set the level so high. Can’t guess if we will find another store which can serve such lip-smacking waffles 🙂


Will surely be back for more as soon as possible! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you’re in and around Bannerghatta. If you’re far from Bannerghatta, then, dress-up and get waffled soon 😀 Three cheers to Chetan and the happy helpers there 🙂

Address – Ground Floor, Royal Meenakshi Mall, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru.
Click here to get Directions on Google Map

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