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Freakshakes and Sheesha at Cafe Azzure

Cafe Azzure is a new rooftop sheesha place located in MG Road. It has a quiet indoor seating and outdoor seating (which tends to become noisy at peak hours). I was here with few of my friends after hearing about their unique hookah flavors and interesting freak-shakes!

The first drink that caught our attention was Blue Heaven, probably one of the best mocktails served here – bright color with refreshing flavor is all I needed after a sunny ride! Apart from this, Mango Margarita and Green Apple Mojito were on the list which took a back seat when compared to Blue Heaven.

Nachos is my default order at all places, so ordered Schezwan Chicken Nachos. Crispy bites, creamy, cheesy, spicy chicken chunks and tangy salsa – easy peasy! Sesame Chicken Strips was well seasoned but had become little soggy by the time we ate them. Cheesy Jalapeno Balls could’ve been made of creamy cheese to get the stringy feel.

Milkshakes, more like freak-shakes are now being a common trend among cafes! Taste, richness, and presentation is the key for a successful shake and Cafe Azzure has nearly-perfected with three of their shakes – Chocolate Freakshake, Nutella Shake & Ferrero Rocher Shake! Chocolate Freakshake is a combo of chocolate milkshake and Kitkat, well balanced throughout making it a must try! Nutella Shake and Ferrero Rocher Shake were blissful and filling much, only if I could’ve more of them!

Cafe Azzure’s Special 7 Wonders kept us going for most of the evening with its unique mixture of flavors! I’d suggest this, if you would like to try something new, else prefer the normal ones. Sulemani Tea is an odd addition, but it’s that worked way better with sheesha compared to other mocktails.

Thinking of Creamy White sauce pasta still makes me droooool, calories overloaded but it didn’t stop me from going for a second round! Twisted Chicken Pizza is from Instagram to Instagram and for Instagram – I’d been wanting to make this myself but never got the chance and ordered it right away without second thoughts. While the filling was on point, the base could’ve been softer. When asked for their specialty/most selling dish, we were directed towards Cheese Crumb Chicken and it was evident as to why. Chicken wrapped in crumbs, baked, sliced and topped with generous amount of cheese just took us to another level of cheesiness!

Things got cheesier with Mascarpone Brownie! Light, chocolatey and brownie :D! With this, I called it a day while my friends went on for another dessert.

Being at the heart of the city means, keeping up with the competition is important. While most of the items that we tried turned out to be good, there are a few things (like consistency in-between same orders, flavors of few mocktails, and type of ingredients in some of the dishes) they need to work on. Service can be improved in terms of quickness and approach to the customers. If they figure these things out, the place will pick up in the coming days! I’d definitely be back for freakshakes and pasta 🙂

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Cost: ₹1200 for two (with sheesha).

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Get Stoned with Ice Creams at Stoned Monkey!

Koramangala is a food hub, with a new restaurant opening every now and then! The recent addition is Stoned Monkey, a dessert parlor which serves some fresh and delicious stoned icecreams. A tiny outlet with a bright-backlit wall and colorful illustrations of monkey.



Visited post-lunch with a friend to grab some of their special sundaes! The place had few customers who were indulging in icecreams and the happiness on their face said everything. I even had an opportunity to interact with the owner of the branch, who was kind enough to explain the process of Stone Icecream (sundaes made by beating up icecreams and sweet add-ons on a frozen stone).


Interesting fact – The Master (person who works with ice-cream), creates 31 varieties of stone beaten sundaes with 6 basic flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Coffee, Strawberry, and Blackcurrant). The ice-creams are brought in from the central kitchen in small quantities to maintain the freshness and taste. They also sell Red Velvet and Chocolate cupcakes in small quantities.

Strong Coffee + Dark Chocolate + Milano Cookie = Via Milano! Probably the best way to describe. The usage of original Milano cookie adds flavor which is not found in its substitutes. Subtle in flavor, with light bitter notes. The joy of being able to have coffee and chocolate is immense!


Black Mischief is the only blackcurrant-based sundae. It is mixed with vanilla, sponge and white sauce (liqueur flavored) giving it a punch! A scrumptious treat not to be missed.


Cheese Garlic Bread, soft bread topped with chili flakes, garlic and a generous amount of melting cheese! This is a must need in between icecreams.


I’m a kind of person who loves to end a meal with sweet paan and in this case, icecream meal 😛 It is pretty obvious where I’m heading with this – Paan Banaras! A vanilla based ice cream with home-made maghai paan, dates, gulkan, topped with tutti-frutti and whipped cream! A delight in each bite 🙂


The prices may seem little high, but the taste and quantity make up for it. Three cheers to the entire team and happy helpers. I had a great experience and will surely be back for more! Highly Recommended 🙂

Cost: ₹500 for two people.

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Stoned Monkey Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato