The Egg Factory


Love Egg Delicacies and can’t find a good place? Fret not, as an outlet of The Egg Factory has been opened in New Bel Road, right opposite to Truffles. This is the place just made for eggetarians says “The Egg Factory”.

So for starters, we ordered ‘Kejriwal’  just because of the name 😛 which is a bread toast with a half-boiled egg placed on it and topped off with Onion, Tomato, Green Chilli’s, Coriander leaves and very few spices giving a mild taste.

ef (12)

Burma Toast is kind of a sandwich of egg top casing and toast with few veg fillings and chili sauce. It was in contrast to Kejriwal toast in taste being very spicy.

ef (13)

Bull’s Eye is a simple sunny-side-up egg topped with traces of  pepper powder, served with 2 slices of toasted bread and butter.

ef (8)

Hot Chocolate is a decent drink, fluid in consistency and not much of chocolate.

ef (10)

For the main course, we ordered Frittata A’la Mexicana, 3 egg omelette filled with Mexican beans, salsa sauce and cheddar. We apparently forgot to a take picture of this amazing dish! and continued with Scrambled eggs with toast, because we wanted to try!

ef (6)

For desserts, we ordered Choco Sin. It’s just a chocolate mousse with chocolate brownie in the base and topped with cream.

ef (4)

And for smoothies we ordered Chlorophyll Fix which consisted of Basil, Mint and few other natural ingredients and Blend it Like Hawaii which is a mixture of tropical fruits!

ef (2)

While each dish had a unique taste, Chlorophyll Fix and Blend it like Hawaii had a different tale which finally changed the entire view of the place. We felt the Chlorophyll Fix was not properly done in terms of ingredients added while it’s aroma was like taking a stroll through a rainy forest. The Blend it like Hawaii, couldn’t taste any distinct fruits and it tasted more like normal pulpy mango drink.

Must Try – Toasts and Frittata A’la Mexicana.

Downsides – Some of the smoothies need a work around and needs improvement. And it’s also difficult to find a parking space as it attracts lot of crowd easily.

Few more amazing pictures!

ef (5)

The whole set up is wonderful when it comes to the staff and the ambiance. Pleasing ambiance with indoor and outdoor wooden seatings and the natural light added up to the beauty of the place, and to make it more interesting the menu is printed in Kannada and English which is rarity nowadays 🙂 We would surely be back for more Eggxotic memories down the lane! 🙂

Address – #67 Ground Floor, Opposite to Truffles, 80 Feet Road, New BEL Road, Bengaluru.

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