The Heat – Mexican Cafe & Grill


Mexican food is what we wanted to taste and chose “The Heat” as our destination for it. Got to know this place serves authentic Mexican food and yes, it does! Entering through, a small stairway leads to the restaurant. It has two levels, the lower level is air conditioned and the upper level is semi-open type with natural ventilation & lighting.
We chose to sit in the upper level and we were given the menu

We started with Nacho fries (it’s crispy potato fries blend with melted cheese, black olives, lettuce, jalapeños, Green onions, sour cream, pico de gallo and served with salsa) and Pineapple Virgin Mojito for appetizers.

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Continued with Fajita Cottage cheese enchilada (which is kind of a wrap stuffed with Fajita pepper and onions,  grilled cottage cheese and other sauces,  served with Mexican bean curry and rice) 😛 and wrapped up the course with warm Chocolate Pudding (warm chocolate pudding with plenty of raisins and chocolate sauce with vanilla ice cream )  and Chilli Brownie Sizzler (chocolate walnut brownie with chilli spikes on a Sizzler with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream) . Each recipe tastes yummy! Enjoyed the whole course 🙂

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Must Try – Enchiladas and desserts.

Downsides – No place for parking. People against smoking can’t sit in the upper level (which is really amazing to enjoy the food) as it’s not smoke-free zone.

The whole ambiance is set so perfect to enjoy Mexican food. It also has a small library. The walls are designed with crazy doodles. The staff are friendly and humble in approach. Kudos for the service! Will surely be back to try more.

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Recommended 🙂

Address – #206, 2nd Floor, Dollars Colony, New BEL Road, Bengaluru

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