Umesh Dosa Point


If amazing dosa is what you crave, then Umesh Dosa Point is where you need to be! This place beats many other dosa points which bluff about their taste. Being situated in a busy road near Nehru Circle, this pulls in a lots of crowd to make the traffic worse. Anyhow we ordered 3 specialities as suggested by the manager. So the one’s we ordered were Onion Masala Dosa, Pudi Masala Dosa and Bath Masala Dosa. They informed the Onion Masala Dosa would take some time to get prepared, and served the other two up-front.

While the Pudi Masala Dosa is a combination of various spices that are spread all over,

um (3)

the Bath Dosa is simple dosa with a rice-bath filling,

um (4)

by the time we were done with these two, Onion Masala Dosa was served which is stuffed with onions and other spices,

um (1)

and to finish it off, we ordered a Rice-Bath (the one that’s used as a filling in Bath Dosa) and Masala Vade, which was a great combination.

um (2)

Must Try – Onion Masala Dosa and Bath Dosa

Downside – There’s no place to sit and enjoy the dosa’s. Finding a parking spot can be a tricky job and the place is always crowded.

The hotel runs on minimal staff, all working together to serve dosa. They are friendly in approach and see that the dishes are served as soon as possible. In a time when restaurants hate to spend Ghee, these people make it a must while serving a dish, regardless whether it’s a dosa or idli. I would surely be back to taste more varieties of dosa! 🙂

Address – 21, Nehru Nagar Main Road, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru

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