Lunching at Koramangala’s newest brewery, The Bier Library!

Lunching at Koramangala’s newest brewery, The Bier Library!


The Bier Library is the newest brewery in Koramangala, amidst all the chaos and traffic – this place is tucked away quietly just before the Sony World Signal. One might even wonder how could someone get such a huge place in Koramangala, but that’s one of the thing this place leaves you wondering.

The ambiance is rustic, with 3 levels of seating spread across a wide area. It also has an open aquarium in the center which looks great during the evenings. I was here a couple of days back with a few of my friends for lunch and here’s how it went:

They have 6 beers on tap, (courtesy of a well-managed brewery) starting from hefeweizen to red-ale to stout. I opted for Very Weiss (Hefeweizen) – my friends opted for diff ones. Very Weiss was was light, something that I’m very used too.

To pair with these beers, we ordered Chips Board, Andhra Style Chilli Chicken, and Fried Chicken. Chips Board is a collection of sweet potato, tapioca, and lotus stem – these crunchy chips were perfect for the beer. Moving up the spice level, we ordered Andhra style Chilli Chicken which was loaded with spice and flavors, left us wanting for more. Fried Chicken is something that shouldn’t be missed either.

For the main course, we ordered Keema Pav and their famous 21″ Pizza with various toppings. These were nothing less than exceptional, 21″ pizza was the highlight of all – the option of being able to order 6 different toppings at one go is something we all had been searching for!

All good things must come to an end, and so did our meal at TBL. Before we bid goodbye, we ordered Serradura and Drunken Chocolate Mousse. Serradura is a Portuguese dessert made up of whipped cream, docle-de-leche and crushed cookies – we couldn’t stop gorging on this one.

The service is extremely good. They ensure the food is served hot so that it tastes best! The happy helpers know when to bring in food and make sure the table is not piled up. Will I be going back for another round? – definitely yes, I can’t wait to try out their other beers and appetizers.

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