MasterChef Shazia Khan demystifies ‘nouvelle cuisine’ for the home cook!


After lazy Sundays, I feel ‘meh’ to get back to college on Mondays. But fortunately, I headed to Oberoi Hotel and not to college. I was here with many other food lovers for a food tasting event exclusively prepared in TTK Prestige cookware by the MasterChef season 2 runner-up and celebrity Chef Shazia Khan.


The day began with Mr. Chandru Kalro’s, Managing Director, TTK Prestige elocution stating that “Cooking has evolved into an art form. It is important to have the right cooking tools and gadgets to recreate the perfect dish. In fact, for the home cook, a well-equipped kitchen can dictate and have an impact on what he or she eats on a daily basis. Now, with the help of TTK Prestige, it is easy to re-create nouvelle cuisine from the comfort of your home.”

Amidst all hubbub, I see beautiful smiling Chef preparing dishes on the stove with love! Chef prepared a series of dishes using TTK Prestige cookware in no time and the presentation of them left us awestruck! After preparation, presentation, and whirring of cameras, we tasted the wonders created by her 🙂


What did we taste?

Chef Shazia Khan had conceptualized a fusion menu which compromised of:

  1. Dukkah Crusted Paneer with Creamy Beetroot using Omega Gold series cookware.
  2. IMG_2384

  3. The Brinjal Affair using TTK Prestige cutter, TTK Prestige Air fryer.
  4. IMG_2406


  5. Grilled Figs with Almond Crumble and Vanilla Mousse using Omega Gold series cookware, TTK Prestige Air fryer, and TTK Prestige Induction Cooktop.
  6. IMG_2409

  7. Chilly Mutton Sliders using Clip on Pressure Cooker and Induction Cooktop.
  8. IMG_2412

  9. Cuban Chicken Skewers using Juicer and Omega Cookware.
  10. IMG_2403


Overall it was an informative and innovative event organized by TTK Prestige and I was glad to meet the Celebrity Masterchef 🙂 This event helped me understand how important it is to have the correct gadgets and tools in any kitchen to create amazing recipes. Three cheers to the people behind this successful show!

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