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Dilli Wali Khau Galli Festival – BARBEQUE NATION

What if you could really get to eat the Dilli’s good food, say from Golgappa to Chole Kulche, from Jamoon to Shahi Tukda, from Mughlai dum biriyani to Akbar Ali kabab under one roof? Sounds interesting!

You heard us right, BBQ Nation is celebrating Dilli Wali Khau Galli Festival, majorly based on Delhi’s cuisine. With fellow food lovers, we were happy to be a part of this food festival.

The Delhi setup starts right from the door and continues to the interiors, paintings of Dilli’s famous monuments and colorful flyers. The menu brought the best of Dilli dishes from chats to biryani!

IMG_20160728_194338 copy

Mango Punch, Gleeche and few other appetizers to start off the evening. Continued with Chats Counter hosted a variety of Dilli’s street food like Golgappa, Dhai Vada, Hariyali Kebab, Chole Kulche and Dahi Papdi. It was a level apart from what you find in streets of Bangalore.

IMG_20160728_195914 copy


bbq lido2 copy

Barbeque Nation is known for its DIY on the grill and with the fest going on, it just got better. Veg starters had Pudina Ananas ki Tikke, Tandoori Malai Kumbh and Dhelvi Panner on grill, Cajun Spiced Potato and Dahi Kebab off the grill. Marination had a touch of Delhi spices. As always Crispy Corn is one thing we’ll never get tired of.

Non-Veg starters were as good as veg counterparts with Surkh Fish Tikka, Murgh Angaara and Nimoda Jhinga on grill. Dilli Dhaba Murgh and Mutton Adraki Seekh off the grill. DDM was perfectly cooked, tender and with spices being on the point stood out from the rest.

IMG_20160728_202040 copy

The main course had a variety of dishes! It left us confused with what to choose and what to skip. Pot Biryani/Pulao like Sarai Ki Mughlai Dum, Paneer Biriyani and Chandini Chowk ki Subz biryani were the best among all. Aloo Katliya was a new take on potato, with slices boiled and tossed with spices which gave a unique punch.

bbq lido


bbq lido1 copy

Who doesn’t have a separate appetite for desserts? Shahi Tukda and Galiyon ki Firni caught our attention because of its great texture and flavors. Apart from these, there were Jamoon, Blueberry Cheesecake, Dark Brownie, Fruit Gataux, Tiramisu and Ice Cream. They tasted as yummy as they sound.


It was just not about food and decor, but it was also about entertaining the crowd. The music and dance kept the whole atmosphere bright.


Come and be a part of Dilli Wali Khau Galli Festival. Visit any of the outlets (Lido Mall, Indiranagar, Koramangala, Whitefield, Kammanahalli and Electronic City) before 7th August to dine on exclusive Delhi dishes without having to travel to Delhi.

Three cheers to the entire team and happy helpers who served us extremely well at the Lido Mall Outlet šŸ™‚

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Three Dots & A Dash

We are in seventh heaven to blog about this alluring rooftop restaurant named THREE DOTS AND A DASH located on the 100 ft road, Indiranagar. Three Dots & A Dash is one of a kind restaurant & themed bar to offer Tiki Cocktails which is burst of flavors and dishes which makes everyone drool. Wondering what does three dots and dash spell? Well, it stands for VICTORY šŸ™‚

We were here to try some of the best ‘tiki cocktails’ and other dishes served in town. This restaurant is split into two level seating. We chose to sit on the rooftop and just fell in love with the ambiance.

Tiki cocktails started with Dead Reckoning, Pineapple Paradise, and Forbidden Island. Dead Reckoning is served in a skull glass consisting of wine, white rum, spice syrup and hints of maple and vanilla.
tiki cocktails

Pineapple Paradise is another tiki cocktail served in pineapple fruit made up of White Rum, Caribbean Rum of Coconut flavor and pineapple juice. The smoky dry ice adds up to the presentation.
3dd (2)

As you sip down Forbidden fruit you get flavours of vodka, white rum, gin and Ā a couple more spirits. OrchidĀ adds up to the beauty of the drink. A must-try cocktail. Ā All tiki cocktails are as innovative as they sound with some Indian touch to it. The presentation of the drinks is top notch and is a feast for eyes.
3dd (12)

Up next was starters – starting with Polynesian baked Poisson, marinated fish wrapped in banana leaf giving it a unique taste. The fish was cooked perfectly with right spices. It was juicy and just melts in the mouth.
3dd (4)

The Classic In-house nachos were crispy, topped with kidney beans, tomato salsa, melting cheese and cream went hand-in-hand with it.
3dd (13)

Herb Cheese Stuffed Mushroom took the stuffing to a whole new level, mushrooms were fried perfectly. The crunchy base and cheese made it even better!
3dd (5)

Pan-Seared Pepper Coconut Chicken reminded me of days we spent in Kerala. One of the best combination of coconut, chicken, and pepper I’ve come across.
3dd (14)

The main course consisted of Ā Spinach Stuffed Cottage Cheese Steak which was served with mashed potato, saffron glazed pineapple & carrots.
3dd (3)

Fried Rice in Pineapple filled with colorful veggies, corn and pineapple with two types of sauces was one of the most innovative dishes that we had here.
3dd (6)

Wrapped the lunch with Chocolate brownie topped with cherries, slices of apple, banana, Ā and whipped cream. Lip smacking dessert it was *-*
3dd (9)

Service is extremely good and two thumbs up for the happy helpers who served us here. Well maintained place and bamboo interiors add up to the ambiance. Cheers to the entire team behind Three Dots and A Dash šŸ™‚ Will surely be back for more.

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Ice Cream Sandwich and more at Nutty Squirrel

Do you remember the good old days in the early 2000’s when Kwality Walls was serving Ice Cream Sandwich, Chocolate biscuits holding a bar of frozen vanilla ice cream for which we had to go from shop-to-shop to find one or wait until the cycle wala gets it? Later they were off the market and since then, we were on a quest to find Ice Cream Sandwich. Finally, NUTTY SQUIRREL caught our attention.

Nutty Squirrel – A fancy dessert kiosk in VR Bengaluru mall, offers unconventional flavors and varieties of natural ice creams to sandwiches and milkshakes.

The ice creams here are made in small quantities without additional preservatives and artificial colors to maintain the freshness and to keep track of the demand.

Aishwarya (Co-Founder) looks after the entire operation, from production to putting up new flavors on board. We were there as a part of FBAB meetup with few fellow bloggers.

It was a bright sunny day and before we started our desserts-brunch, we had a quick sampling session of every flavor on the display. Of all that were up, Filter Coffee, Peanut Butter, Pudina(mint) caught our taste buds high.

Finally, there came the big picture – Ice Cream Sandwich and yes, it’s their USP too! They serve three types of cookie bases, all freshly prepared and in-house baked.Ā Mocha Cookies, Snicker Doodle and the Brandy Snap Tacos. Mocha Cookie and Snicker Doodle are also available in heart and star shapes. Brandy Snap Tacos were baked perfectly in the shape of tacos.

Milkshakes found here aren’t easily found anywhere else! They are thick, consistent and leaves you filled with half a cup. They even offer “Fancy your own shake” where in you can choose two ice creams flavors and have them blended.

Blueberry in a heart shaped mocha.
ns (7)

Filter Coffee with Choco Shavings in snap taco. ns (1)

Vanilla and Dark Chocolate in snicker doodle.
ns (2)

Peanut Butter Banana and Dark Chocolate served in Bourbon Cone. ns (3)

Scoops of Chikoo Cheddar & Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream topped with chocolate syrup, nuts and a salt wafer.
ns (4)

Go Nutty Milkshake topped with chocolate syrup and almond bits. ns (6)

Fresh batch of mocha cookies being baked at the spot.
ns (5)

Three Cheers to the entire team and happy helpers at Nutty Squirrel. We had a great time here šŸ™‚ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Address – Ground Floor, VR Mall, Ground Floor, Mahadevapura, Whitefield, Bengluru.
Click here to get Directions on Google Map

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The Kabab Studio

The Kabab studio is now open, renovated and rejuvenated. It is one of the places which was on our bucket list from aĀ long time. When we finally got a chance to try it, excitement peaked. We have heard that it has gained a lot of attention among foodies and others, since the renovation. Ambience has got a major overhaul which makes the dining experience better!


Starters are divided into –Ā live grill and on the plate. Live Grill is our all time fav for the simple reason that it can be taken warm throughout the meal. Grilled Pineapple – This fruit is one of the nicest creations in nature. When this is grilled and roasted to perfect brown with some seasonings, nothing can match its taste.Ā Tandoori Chicken never cease to amaze me and Hydrabadi Fish Tikka was just amazing. The meat was tender and spices were perfect on them.


On the plate is where the things get interesting because of the varieties served. We were one of those few lucky ones who got to try Tangdi Kulfi, their signature dish. Chicken leg piece blend with kulfi wrapped in foil to let flavours infuse while standing out! The aroma itself keeps one astonished and it’s amazing to see how two opposite ingredients can do wonders. Along with Tangdi Kulfi, we also had Malai Paneer Tikka, Veg Croquettes, Pani Puri, Special Dhai Puri and Mutton Seekh Kabab.



Drinks: We had a long list of mocktails and cocktails being served while we were trying other recipes. Every drink was served with utmost care. Each drink had its unique taste and twists that kept us excited to try more. Few were fruits based, while few were tamarind & coriander based, others were lemon grass & curry leaves and tea, basil leaves based. While serving, we were enlightened about each drink, which was much more interesting šŸ™‚

TKS OK is a signature mocktail of The Kabab Studio (hence the name TKS OK) which says everything will be ok, made up of an orange & basil base. It is served within a lantern with a small opening from where the drinking straw falls out. A bang in terms of flavours and a great way to start the evening.

The Last Tea was one of the interesting cocktail served here. The tastes resemble a lot like tea with hints of vodka. It is served in a glass jar topped with dry ice which gives it a smoky appearance.


Santa Banta took us back to school days where we used to have cool mango shakes in hot summer to kill the heat. A strong mango-based cocktail served in a soda bottle which has a great taste. Feels nostalgic.

P. Naa was light based cocktail served in a feeding bottle, it may look funny but has a lot to offer. A mixture of flavourings which leaves you wanting more.


Mary Teri, an inside out Bloody Mary. A tomato juice based cocktail which has spices on point which leaves a unique taste. It is served inside a bigger glass with dry ice and water which makes it bit wobbling, so take precautions.


Apart from these drinks we also had Tedhi Medhi Martini, Cucumber Basil, Spiced Fusion, Win Fizz and Lemon Grass Curry leaves Martini.

Main Course is as usual spread widely – hosting veggies, salads, scrumptious dishes and more. Some of which we tried were Penne Pasta with Pesto Sauce, Paneer Lababdar, Andhra Gosht Biryani, Shahi Murgh, Veg Thai Noodles with Hunan Prawns. Roti ki gaadi is again a unique idea of serving Indian Breads in a truck. The gaadi carried naan, stuffed naan and garlic butter naan which went great with the curries from the counter.




No meal is complete without desserts and The Kabab Studio offers a wide range to choose from.
Black Currant Cheese Cake was small, cheesy and soft, a layer of blackcurrant preserve with a cherry top.
Sweet Curds was thick, consistent and had the perfect level of sweetness. Fruit Trifle presentation was a feast to our tiny eyes. So colourful yet tasty. Fruit Rabdi andĀ Angoori Robja are other desserts on the plate.



Live Icecream counter took the concept of customising ice creams šŸ˜€ We had Chocolate-Vanilla and Oreo-Vanilla combo. The addition of chocolate sauce and crushed nuts made it better.


We just loved the whole setup of the studio. The rooftop with slanted walls, glazed openings, cool breeze and lights as far as the end of the city fills up the view. Open-kitchen which allows us to see what happens in the cooking station is a major thing. Inside is adaptive-lit making it easy. There’s a tv which showcases any sporting event happening live. Right below the TV is a live music centre, 3 member band, who sings famous 80’s 90’s Kannada & Hindi tracks. Each table has a request card in which you can write your choice of song.


Service is quick and you’re barely left with the empty plate. The happy helpers are always on a lookout if we need anything. Quick on toes and help with anything required. Three Cheers to the management and happy helpers for making the entire experience a wonderful memory šŸ™‚

Highly Recommended if you wish to have great food, enjoy amazing drinks and experience fine dining while sitting in the terrace top restaurant.

Address – Goldfinch Hotel, Crescent Road, Near Shivananda Circle, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru.
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Fun Game Evening at Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill

If you’re in search of crazy good places to play, gulp down some amazing drinks, have fun while munching on wide range of dishes, Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill is the exact place you need to be.

Underdoggs offers unique drinks and scrumptious food that goes together. Apart from sports viewing, there are various games like Pool Tables, Table Tennis, Dart Boards, Foosball and X-Box are few to name. Coco Cola Golden Spoon Awards, Indian Resturant Congress Award and Times Food & Nightlife Awards are few of the winning titles that adds pride to the feather of Underdoggs šŸ™‚


We were here with fellow bloggers to try their new games and taste food. Ā The newest entry for the game was Beer Pong, a great way to spend time if you love to drink beer šŸ˜€ Cleared the first round, but ended at second with a draw.

The list of new food & drinks on the menu was long. We started with Gayle Rum Runner and Mary Kom Cooler. Gayle Rum Runner, was bit on the sweeter side just the way we like it. White rum and fruits made it a great start. Mary Kom Cooler was on dot with the hints of cucumber. Apple and khus with sprite just made it better.


To accompany the drinks, we had some quick bites. We had a list of signature dips to choose from, Ā for the Chicken Wings – 14 to be exact out of which 4 were new. We choose Desi Spice and Butter Chicken, both being new flavours, tasted just delicious.



Next up was the Signature Naan Rolls. All these days, we used to have Naan as a bread with curries, but this one is entirely different. Small Ā bread spread served with Indian favourites as toppings, to be tried in taco style – roll them up and just enjoy šŸ˜›


Cinnamon Whiskey Shots


Lychee Kamikaze was a huge burst flavour which is made up of Lychee Vodka, Triple Sec, lime and lemon. Robin Van Berry, a long glass drink made up of passion fruit, orange, mint and soda.


Popcorn Shrimps is a must if you love fried chicken popcorns. Soft and tender and yet crispy outside. Ā It was served with lemon Ā slices, tomato salsa and mayonnaise.


Hot Ranch Chicken Pizza


Makhani Pizza


Tandoori Dim Sums – We liked the way it was served and the dips were tasty. Thumbs up for this dish.



Chicken Salad – It is one of the best salads that I’ve come across. Chunks of chicken tossed with slices of onions, cucumber, tomato and few light spices which goes perfectly with all the drinks served here!


Desserts are something we always look forward to and Underdoggs has innovated the most loved dessert and it’s called- Rum Gulab Jamun. Three different elements maintained at three different temperature in a dessert. Hot and freshly prepared Gulab Jamun placed in Rum and topped with a freezing scoop of Vanilla Icecream. A bite of this will leave you wanting for more.Ā 


Ambience stands out – adaptive lighting, games, private sections and everything that you can ask for. The monochrome walls are filled with colorful sports personalities and their stories. Fancy lightings and doodles added up to the decor.




One best place to hang out with friends, family and colleagues. Three Cheers to the entire team of Underdoggs šŸ™‚Ā 

Address – 2nd Floor, 19th Main Road, 2nd Phase, JP Nagar, Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru.
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Wahrabia Food Festival at Barbeque Nation

If we get a chance to use Alladin’s Magic Lamp, it would be to have an Arabian food festival. On a similar idea, Barbeque Nation has come up with “Wahrabia Food Festival”, which takes all our taste buds on a magical ride to enjoy the special cuisine of Arabia. The entire decor is set with ‘Arabian Nights’ theme and special dishes to make the experience better. Limited time menu containing a wide range of recipes from Arabia and neatly decorated ambience went hand in hand.

From a long list of mocktails, we ordered Italian Smooch and Liquid Chutney which definitely helped to beat the summer heat.

bn-wff (9)

Moving on to the food, Barbeque National has never failed to serve amazing dishes and the food festival made it even better. The vegetarians had a lot to choose from. Fried Pita bread and Pita Pockets with hummus & few other dips were a good start. Spiced Potato and Crispy Corn never cease to amaze us and with every visit, the taste just gets better. Lebanese Kebab and Afelia Batata are a must try.

bn-wff (7)

bn-wff (3)

Under non-vegetarian, they had signature dishes which included Jujeh Kebab, Rubian Meshwi, Arabian Kafta Lamb Seekh, Farareej el Fahem and Dabel Kebab. They had a special live counter which prepared Kesabi Dejaj, Chicken ShawarmaĀ roll and Dabel Kabab. Chicken Shawarma was a small roll which had chopped chicken and couple of vegetables with them. Dabel Kebab was one of my favourites, Chicken served on a stick with good masalas.

bn-wff (8)

bn-wff (6)

bn-wff (5)

bn-wff (4)

The main course too had a large spread of items to choose, let it be veg or non-veg. Prominent were the Nargisi Kofta, Gobi Mussallam, Zucchini Fasigratin, Curried Chick Peas, Fish cooked with Peas, Burani Gosht Biryani.

bn-wff (10)

bn-wff (11)

bn-wff (13)

bn-wff (12)

We love desserts (who doesn’t, right?) and Barbeque Nation had a lot to offer us. The highlight was the traditional sweet dishes Baklava (a sweet pastry made of layers of chopped nuts and honey) and Muhallabieh (creamy milky pudding with roses and pistachio). Along with these, they had few flavoured ice creams, couple of pastries, fresh fruits and Coconut Walnut Pie.

bn-wff (14)

bn-wff (16)

bn-wff (15)

bn-wff (17)
If you’re one of those planning to celebrate birthday or anniversary, you’re in for a treat. While you enjoy delicious food, the in-house waiters sing and perform šŸ™‚

JP Nagar’s outlet is known for having a great ambience, and with the fest happening the entire setup is made even better. The place is filled with hanging lights, screen suspensions and illustrations of Aladdin and Ginnie themselves. The fest has opened up a window into the culture and flavours of Arabia.

bn-wff (1)

Be a part of Wahrabia Fest, visit any of Barbeque Nation’s outlets in Bengaluru region (Indiranagar, Koramangala, JP Nagar, Lido Mall – MG Road, Whitefield Road, Kammanahalli and Electronics City) before March 19th to have one of a kind experience and make memories šŸ™‚

Three cheers to the entire team & Happy Helpers who served us at the JP Nagar outlet šŸ™‚

Featured Image Credits – Hari Camala.

Address – #67, 15th Cross, 6th B Main, JP Nagar, Bengaluru.
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