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Happy You Happy Me – 11th FBAB Meetup!

They say happiness comes in small packages and Happy You Happy Me is one such cafe. It’s small cafe which easily fills up and it’s relatively new. We got to try this place as invitees for 11th FBAB meetup.

They offer an amazing menu which consisted of few starters, burgers & sandwiches, desserts and couple of drinks. We started off with Corn Cheese Patties and Chicken Croquettes, both being a soft patty served with amazing choice of sauces.

hyhm (7)

Then we tried Chicken BBQ Burger and Mini Veg Burger. The veg burger had a great patty, but the bbq patty could’ve been improved.

hyhm (1)

In the sandwich section, we tried Mumbai Masala which was a spicy grilled treat. Mushroom-Chicken, which was served in a special bread topped with mushroom bits and filled with shredded chicken.

hyhm (6)

hyhm (8)

Pasta in Pesto was a filler for sure. They serve pasta in white sauce with broccoli, baby corn, tomato and chicken. The veggies go great with the pasta and sauce.

hyhm (10)

For beverages, we had Oreo Shake, a smooth drink that goes great with any of the sandwich/burger served here. The tiny bits of oreo are crispy surprise and it taste amazing. Lemon Grass Lemonade a drink which leaves you wanting for more. I would prefer if they served it chilled.

hyhm (5)

Desserts left us speechless. We got to try Orange Chocolate Marble, a cake with the zest of orange which reminded me of childhood. Banana Walnut Muffins. Chocolate Mousse, a small sized perfectly blended mousse. Blueberry Muffins didn’t live up to other desserts, could be improved.

hyhm (14)

hyhm (9)

hyhm (3)

Selling your sauces can be a dealbreaker, they’re amazing. Spread them with fellow foodies, it will be divine. This cafe packs an amazing ambience even though it’s small. They’ve used the board to put up the menu instead of getting it printed. A pocket-friendly cafe which serves amazing food. The place can host seats for 6-8 foodies. Finding a parking space isn’t a problem. Kudos for the staff and management, very humble and friendly in approach. We liked most of the dishes, but few of them need a workaround. We would surely be back for more oreo shakes and Chocolate Mousse.

We thank Nameesh for the invitation and Neha for having us over there.

Address – #3, Industrial Layout, Opp to Faaso’s, Koramangala 5th Block, Bengaluru.

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cafe desserts


Onesta was on our MUST TRY list. After reading few reviews on Zomato, we got to know about their Gourmet Pizza collection.  We couldn’t wait to taste them and very recently we checked in!

We were given a table at the entrance and it’s arranged with ketchup, spicy toppings, zomato cards, menu card and what not! The menu is something special about this place. They offer some of the best dishes at amazingly low price. We ordered a couple of starters, pizzas and desserts to wrap up.

For starters we ordered Roasted Broccoli with Cheese. If you ever had a bad opinion on Broccoli, then this dish will definitely change your view. A perfectly roasted broccoli placed on a crisp base topped off with melting cheese *-* Not the best, but it’s a great dish!

onesk4 (11)

and Sun Dried Tomato Bread was one that filled us the most. It’s a fresh bread, filled with a tomato that is purely sun Dried and little spicy filling which makes it an awesome starter!

onesk4 (4)

onesk4 (3)

For pizza’s we ordered Roast Potato & Garlic pizza, it was a great start with a small mistake. Garlic’s skin isn’t peeled before it goes on the pizza which leaves a bad taste after eating, one thing that can be changed.

onesk4 (20)

and Bullseye pizza, a feast to the eye. Colours looked so appealing.  The perfectly cooked bull’s eye egg placed on a pizza with a medium crispy crust is a must try if you love egg.

onesk4 (14)

For desserts we ordered Chilli Chocolate Tarts, soft based tart with layers of chocolate, caramel and red paprika to spice it up. It is an explosion of sweetness and a little spice. Black Forest Pudding, a pudding with layers of cake, cream and topped with Choco chips.

Food tastes amazing, and fills up your tummy soon. Some of the dishes were not available, so that’s a bummer! It’s a restaurant with outer, semi-open, wooden seatings and inner, closed seatings. The interior is best of the two while the exterior one is filled with greenery but prone to dust from the road. A Plus point is, they have a separate parking lot, so no worries about it. Kudos for the staff and management. Very humble and friendly in approach. Cleanliness and maintenance at its best. Ambiance is eye pleasing, externally filled with lush greenery and internally the walls are up with paintings 🙂
Reservation would be preferable if you’re planning on a weekend. We would definitely be back for more pizzas. Recommended!

Address – #562, 8th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala 4th Block, Bengaluru

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cafe mexican

The Heat – Mexican Cafe & Grill

Mexican food is what we wanted to taste and chose “The Heat” as our destination for it. Got to know this place serves authentic Mexican food and yes, it does! Entering through, a small stairway leads to the restaurant. It has two levels, the lower level is air conditioned and the upper level is semi-open type with natural ventilation & lighting.
We chose to sit in the upper level and we were given the menu

We started with Nacho fries (it’s crispy potato fries blend with melted cheese, black olives, lettuce, jalapeños, Green onions, sour cream, pico de gallo and served with salsa) and Pineapple Virgin Mojito for appetizers.

heat (6)

heat (9)

heat (8)

Continued with Fajita Cottage cheese enchilada (which is kind of a wrap stuffed with Fajita pepper and onions,  grilled cottage cheese and other sauces,  served with Mexican bean curry and rice) 😛 and wrapped up the course with warm Chocolate Pudding (warm chocolate pudding with plenty of raisins and chocolate sauce with vanilla ice cream )  and Chilli Brownie Sizzler (chocolate walnut brownie with chilli spikes on a Sizzler with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream) . Each recipe tastes yummy! Enjoyed the whole course 🙂

heat (4)

heat (3)

heat (14)

heat (15)

heat (2)

Must Try – Enchiladas and desserts.

Downsides – No place for parking. People against smoking can’t sit in the upper level (which is really amazing to enjoy the food) as it’s not smoke-free zone.

The whole ambiance is set so perfect to enjoy Mexican food. It also has a small library. The walls are designed with crazy doodles. The staff are friendly and humble in approach. Kudos for the service! Will surely be back to try more.

heat (12)

Recommended 🙂

Address – #206, 2nd Floor, Dollars Colony, New BEL Road, Bengaluru

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cafe continental desserts

The Egg Factory

Love Egg Delicacies and can’t find a good place? Fret not, as an outlet of The Egg Factory has been opened in New Bel Road, right opposite to Truffles. This is the place just made for eggetarians says “The Egg Factory”.

So for starters, we ordered ‘Kejriwal’  just because of the name 😛 which is a bread toast with a half-boiled egg placed on it and topped off with Onion, Tomato, Green Chilli’s, Coriander leaves and very few spices giving a mild taste.

ef (12)

Burma Toast is kind of a sandwich of egg top casing and toast with few veg fillings and chili sauce. It was in contrast to Kejriwal toast in taste being very spicy.

ef (13)

Bull’s Eye is a simple sunny-side-up egg topped with traces of  pepper powder, served with 2 slices of toasted bread and butter.

ef (8)

Hot Chocolate is a decent drink, fluid in consistency and not much of chocolate.

ef (10)

For the main course, we ordered Frittata A’la Mexicana, 3 egg omelette filled with Mexican beans, salsa sauce and cheddar. We apparently forgot to a take picture of this amazing dish! and continued with Scrambled eggs with toast, because we wanted to try!

ef (6)

For desserts, we ordered Choco Sin. It’s just a chocolate mousse with chocolate brownie in the base and topped with cream.

ef (4)

And for smoothies we ordered Chlorophyll Fix which consisted of Basil, Mint and few other natural ingredients and Blend it Like Hawaii which is a mixture of tropical fruits!

ef (2)

While each dish had a unique taste, Chlorophyll Fix and Blend it like Hawaii had a different tale which finally changed the entire view of the place. We felt the Chlorophyll Fix was not properly done in terms of ingredients added while it’s aroma was like taking a stroll through a rainy forest. The Blend it like Hawaii, couldn’t taste any distinct fruits and it tasted more like normal pulpy mango drink.

Must Try – Toasts and Frittata A’la Mexicana.

Downsides – Some of the smoothies need a work around and needs improvement. And it’s also difficult to find a parking space as it attracts lot of crowd easily.

Few more amazing pictures!

ef (5)

The whole set up is wonderful when it comes to the staff and the ambiance. Pleasing ambiance with indoor and outdoor wooden seatings and the natural light added up to the beauty of the place, and to make it more interesting the menu is printed in Kannada and English which is rarity nowadays 🙂 We would surely be back for more Eggxotic memories down the lane! 🙂

Address – #67 Ground Floor, Opposite to Truffles, 80 Feet Road, New BEL Road, Bengaluru.

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cafe desserts


One of the best place to eat when you’re low on cash. We have been here a couple of times and it amazes me every time! And this time was no different. Being situated on 80 Feet road with many restaurants around, it pulls the most crowd, and not to forget the waiting time for a table. This time we couldn’t find a table upstairs, so settled down in the lower floor,went in and ordered.

Corn ‘he’ Kaun for starters – It is skewered baby corn marinated in BBQ sauce and crumb fried. It is served with Salsa Mustard Mayo dip.

trufnbr (2)

Veg Lasagne for the main course – A pasta kinda off a dish with baked vegetables with melted cheese topping it. It is served hot in a ceramic plate to keep the cheese from getting cold.

trufnbr (3)

and finished it off with Red Velvet Sludge for desserts – A sundae with scoops of vanilla ice cream, red velvet cake swirled  together with cream and based with choco-chips.

trufnbr (1)

Must Try – Burgers and Sludge.

Downside – The place gets filled even on weekdays, making it tough to get a table as there are no reservations available.

Each one of the dishes has an own tale to tell in terms of taste, flavours and the way they are served. The ambiance is well maintained and staff are friendly in approach. The service time depends on the dish you order and the crowd. I would surely be back to try other Sludge 🙂

Address – #84, 80 Feet Road, RMV 2nd Stage, New BEL Road, Bengaluru.

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Check this place on Zomato!


Dyu Art Cafe

Dyu Art Cafe is one of the hidden gem of Koramangala. If you love pie’s and haven’t tried any before, then this is one of the places you need to try! After spending a lot of time on checking out the menu, we ordered the following

We started off with Chilli Cheese Toast which is simple yet filling. Soft brown bread loaded with cheese and chili flakes.
dyu (10)

For drinks we had ordered Cold Chocolate and Hot Cafe Mocha
dyu (11)

We continued with Egg Salad Sandwich which was perfectly cut into half revealing the egg layer and the veggies.
dyu (13)

For desserts, we ordered Key-Lime Pie (the way they’ve incorporated lime flavor is just fabulous) and Banoffee Pie which is a combination of banana anc caramel layered on bread crumb base!
dyu (12)

dyu (8)

This is one of the places where we kept on ordering and plates continued to pile up. Book readers will love this place as it has a lot to offer in all genres. Service time is really good and items in their Special Menu are the best. Prices are reasonable and food tastes real good. The way they serve water is astonishing.

Downsides – There is no facility to pay via Debit/Credit Card, make sure you carry money! The place gets crowded easily on the weekends, so it’s tough to find a spot to enjoy.

Must Try – Any of their pies and hot coffee varieties.
dyu (01)

We would surely be back for more pies! 🙂

Address – 23, Near Mangala Kalyana Mantapa, 8th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru

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