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Antarastriya – The name itself strikes differently, which stands for International. This is one of the few places that serves different cuisines at whopping prices. Placed at same road as the famous CTR Hotel, this pulls a lot of crowd. I’ve been here for a couple of times and each time it left me speechless. The menu card has been changed lately and now they serve new dishes. The few new additions that caught my eyes were the Black Magic Mocktail, new varieties of momos and Baby Corn Manchurian with Honey Chilli dip.

We have tried a lot of dishes and each one them are unique in their own way. The ones that caught our taste buds are

1. Veg Bullet – Few vegetables chopped into fine pieces, boiled and finally fried in oil with a covering. It is served with chilli and sweet tomato sauce.

antar (19)

2. Chinese Bhel – The chinese version of bhel, served with freshly sliced vegetables and a sauce.

antar (18)

3. American Chopsuey

antar (17)

4. Momo Manchurian – Fried momos are then made into manchurian just like the Gobi Manchurian. The momo is stuffed with onions, which is surprising because we can’t make it out.

antar (22)

5. Babycorn Manchurian with Honey chilli Dip – It’s a Babycorn Manchurian sauced with Honey. The dish tastes spicy and sweet at the same time.

antar (21)

6. Last but not the least, Alfredo White Pasta. It is one of the best pasta that I’ve come across. The white sauce is perfect in terms of taste and consistency.

And now for some mocktails,

1. Blue Sizzler

antar (16)

2. Beach Sunset

antar (15)

3. Blue Island and Red Rush

antar (11)

Most of the dishes taste amazing while some need a little work. They serve in eco-friendly plates which is a great way to reduce the plastic usage. The place has got an overhaul since my last visit, but they still haven’t managed to fix the rain problem. The walls have got new painting which features “Wonders of the World”. They placement of umbrellas to tackle the rain is great idea, but it’s not sufficient. The staff are friendly and food gets prepared once you order them! The ambience is well maintained. They have broken the max 50 and went forward with many new items. Finding a parking place is a problem as the road gets filled up easily.

Not to forget the paintings and umbrellas.

antar (11)

And you get a special reservation if you inform that you’re reviewer at Zomato 🙂 I would surely be back to try new mocktails and new additions!

Address – Near CTR, 7th Cross, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru.

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Shankar Bhel House

Food can take you to places you barely think of and this time, we went to the Shankar Bhel House! This place has always been a favorite and it dates back to more than 3 decades of serving one of best street chat there is! I use to visit this place when I was a kid with my parents.

This time, we had ordered All Mix – A chat combination of Veg Cutlet, Sev Puri, Samosa, Masala Puri and Dhai Puri to top it off. This is one of my favorite as I can taste five different chats in one serving while saving my appetite for other chats.

sbh (2)

Next up was Five Mix Chat, a combination of five special and most asked chats here which consists of Papdi Chat, Sev Puri, Veg Cutlet and Dahi Papdi making it a filler.

sbh (6)

Who doesn’t love Dahi Puri, right? We certainly do and Dahi Puri served here is one of the best one we have had in ages.

sbh (5)

Small details and ingredeints that make up a good chat are equally important as others and we got a chance to take photo of it!

sbh (4)

Downsides – It’s difficult to find a parking place as the shop is located on the main road and hence there’s no seating. Since its a busy street, we can’t even eat on the footpath.

The pani served is spicy and leaves you wanting more. The management and staff are friendly. The service time is pretty decent and the ambiance is maintained well. I would surely be back for more special items!

Address – 131, Wheeler Road, Frazer Town, Bengaluru.
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